Business Cycles, Potential Business Profits, and Economic Comebacks

As the US recession comes to an end we will see expansion again, and as our middle class feels more comfortable spending money, they will. As the American consumer spends more money they will import more products and services from abroad. They will also buy more oil from the Middle East, and items from China. This means that the rest of the economies of the world will start hiking back up again. When the US economy is going strong at our GDP is over $17 trillion a year.

The entire world GDP is about $52 trillion a year, but it is almost off 10% due to the global economic crisis. The loss of $10 trillion in trade and GDP is causing nations around the world into near economic collapse. We are lucky to live in the United States and see that we have bottomed out on the recession and that our business cycle is going to be hiking back upwards. Currently, unemployment is still increasing and on the rise, but corporate profits are up and the stock market is starting to move skyward again.

As these corporations make more money they will have no choice but to expand their businesses to have the supply needed to service the demand. This is when everyone goes back to work. Economic comebacks are inevitable, business cycles are in constant flux, and potential business profits are on their way.

Anyone who counts the United States of America down and out is making a severe mistake and anyone that thinks that this recession will go on forever is absolutely and historically wrong. I hope you will please consider this and think about how you will expand your business as things quickly recover.