Cargo Ship Container Companies Ordering 100s of New Ships Timing the Business Cycles

Some of the wealthiest corporations in the world are involved in the international shipping business. Whereas, we hear a lot of economic doom-and-gloom about this recession being more like a depression, the reality is that the overall economic feel of this recession is only perhaps, twice or three times as bad as the normal business cycle. In other words, yes it was a bad recession, as far as recessions go, but in reality that is all it really was.

Yes, there were some mistakes made on Wall Street, and in the London office of AIG. Yes, there were far too many people betting far too much money at the top of the real estate bubble, indeed, all of those things. But the reality is this recession will end, and corporations will start report better quarterly profits, the stock market will climb back up slowly and eventually to where it was before.

The business expansion period in the business cycle will follow that by about 6 to 10 months. This is what has always happened, most likely what will continue to happen, and that is perhaps why cargo ship containers are now ordering hundreds of new ships as they are timing the next business. Interesting isn’t it?

While everyone else is still talking about doom-and-gloom, double dippers, and continued economic chaos, the wealthiest corporations, which got to be that way through prudent buying decisions are gearing up for the future. So, this should be a leading economic indicator that everyone should be watching.

If these large cargo ship container companies, owned by the people who are running the world, and who are basically in charge of international trade are gearing up, shouldn’t you be gearing up for the future also? Shouldn’t that shed some light on what’s really going on, isn’t that a good sign? Indeed it is.

Still, one has to ask why so many people are still talking so negative out in the market place, and why an earth we are listening to all these 2012 end of the world conspiracy theorists? Doesn’t everyone remember we were all supposed to die in Y2K? Remember a meteor which was supposed to hit the Earth, or recall in the 1970s they were talking about an Ice Age, and that would have us all frozen by now.

During the Cold War we were all going to get nuked. Are you folks starting to see a pattern here yet? Would everyone just please chill out, look at the real world, forget what all the politicians are saying, forget what the news media says, forget what your hairdresser says, or which stocks she thinks you should buy.

Start looking around, watching what’s going on, and gear your stock purchases, your investments, your real estate plays, and if you own a small business, then ratchet up your expansion plan. Work your thinking towards reality, rather than all this destructive negative nonsense. Please consider this, as I am not pleased with your behavior lately.