Cargo Ship Container Companies Ordering 100s of New Ships Timing the Business Cycles

Some of the wealthiest corporations in the world are involved in the international shipping business. Whereas, we hear a lot of economic doom-and-gloom about this recession being more like a depression, the reality is that the overall economic feel of this recession is only perhaps, twice or three times as bad as the normal business cycle. In other words, yes it was a bad recession, as far as recessions go, but in reality that is all it really was.

Yes, there were some mistakes made on Wall Street, and in the London office of AIG. Yes, there were far too many people betting far too much money at the top of the real estate bubble, indeed, all of those things. But the reality is this recession will end, and corporations will start report better quarterly profits, the stock market will climb back up slowly and eventually to where it was before.

The business expansion period in the business cycle will follow that by about 6 to 10 months. This is what has always happened, most likely what will continue to happen, and that is perhaps why cargo ship containers are now ordering hundreds of new ships as they are timing the next business. Interesting isn’t it?

While everyone else is still talking about doom-and-gloom, double dippers, and continued economic chaos, the wealthiest corporations, which got to be that way through prudent buying decisions are gearing up for the future. So, this should be a leading economic indicator that everyone should be watching.

If these large cargo ship container companies, owned by the people who are running the world, and who are basically in charge of international trade are gearing up, shouldn’t you be gearing up for the future also? Shouldn’t that shed some light on what’s really going on, isn’t that a good sign? Indeed it is.

Still, one has to ask why so many people are still talking so negative out in the market place, and why an earth we are listening to all these 2012 end of the world conspiracy theorists? Doesn’t everyone remember we were all supposed to die in Y2K? Remember a meteor which was supposed to hit the Earth, or recall in the 1970s they were talking about an Ice Age, and that would have us all frozen by now.

During the Cold War we were all going to get nuked. Are you folks starting to see a pattern here yet? Would everyone just please chill out, look at the real world, forget what all the politicians are saying, forget what the news media says, forget what your hairdresser says, or which stocks she thinks you should buy.

Start looking around, watching what’s going on, and gear your stock purchases, your investments, your real estate plays, and if you own a small business, then ratchet up your expansion plan. Work your thinking towards reality, rather than all this destructive negative nonsense. Please consider this, as I am not pleased with your behavior lately.

Making the Most of Your Down Business Cycle

When I first started coaching my mentor coach warned me that August and December tended to be slow months while January, April and September were the busiest months in terms of clients seeking coaches. Armed with this information, I was able to build a realistic income forecast for my business as well as plan personal downtime.

Planning around my business cycles is one key way I have been able to stay in business for 12 years.

Unfortunately, too many people believe that the amount they make one month will translate to all months and then they’re in trouble when that’s not the case. I have seen it too many times. A business owner will have a big party and overspend after having a great month then they are short when a lean month comes along.

Most businesses have an annual cycle and it’s imperative to know what that cycle is for your business.

Determining The Cycle

If you have been in business for a year or more, go back in your records and chart the amount of business each month. Is it steady? Are some months much higher while others much lower? Use this information to define your business cycle.

If you are just starting out, do some informational interviews with other people in your industry. Ask what the busiest times of the year are and what the slowest are. Ask what affects people’s decisions in buying.

It’s important to make the distinction that the business cycle I’m speaking of in this article is not dictated by the economy but rather by the buying habits of your clients and the seasonality of your market. Slow periods created by a down economy require additional measures be taken to generate business.

Making The Most Of Your Business Cycle

Once you determine your business cycle, brainstorm ways to leverage or minimize the slow times. Here are some ideas:

* Do side work – For example, I teach classes at a virtual university. During slow client months I keep my calendar full by teaching more classes and replace the client cash flow with teaching cash flow. This minimizes the impact of client’s taking vacations and breaks that month.

I would recommend that the side work either relates to your main business, compliment your main business or feed a passion in you. The point is to stay engaged, not to start something completely new and different.

* Catch-up. Although it’s great to think we get everything done we need and would like to, the reality is we often don’t. Make a list of unfinished projects such as scanning business cards, calling old contacts, updating addresses, hiring a new CPA and plan to knock out the list during a slow month.

* Create. Design new products, set-up partnerships or create a marketing campaign that will roll out following the slow cycle.

* Plan. It seems easier to take time to think, plan and strategize when there are fewer day-to-day activities happening.

* Update systems. When fewer people are using the systems you have in place it’s easier to transition to newer, better ones. Some systems to review: credit card processing, database, newsletter provider and communications among your team.

* Schedule doctor’s appointments. I book all my annual doctor’s appointments during my slow months. Doing so keeps appointments from conflicting with my client call schedules and gives me more wriggle room around the appointment so I don’t feel rushed to get back to the office.

* Connect. Meeting friends for coffee or taking the time to have lunch with your spouse can be a luxury during a busy month, so plan some outings when you can.

* Rejuvenate. Slow months can be the perfect time for you to get away because fewer clients will miss you. I take two to three weeks off in December to spend quality time with my family in Colorado. I find that during this time I can turn off my computer completely and enjoy really quality downtime to refresh my creative juices.

To offset the weeks without work, I offer clients the opportunity to pay upfront for the following year’s sessions if they need more tax write-offs in the current year. Typically, two to three clients take advantage of this offer that helps to keep my December income balanced with other months.

No matter how you choose to use the extra time during slower months, make sure you do use it efficiently. Time is a commodity for small business owners.

(c) 2009 Leah Grant Enterprises LLC.

Web Marketing Holy Grail Unleashed – Confluence Of Events And Business Cycles!

“If YOU make a DETERMINED RESOLUTION to make a better Web
marketer or Internet entrepreneur of yourself, YOU are already

Is There REALLY A Holy Grail Of Web Marketing?

Well, that’s a VERY good question YOU just asked because most
people who delve into affiliate and Internet marketing, with a
strong desire to start making a steady income via their Internet
access and computers (… which have become “ATM machines” for
some savvy Internet marketing experts and entrepreneurs), have
a belief that you can just create Web sites or niche business
marketing blogs and with a little effort or promotion, a traffic
deluge will take place with quick sales being made and money
rolling into the bank accounts – “Kaching.”

For those who have mastered the art and science of Web marketing,
they know that if this aspect is NOT properly understood, it can
be disastrous to your personal finances and you’ll “lose your
shirt(s)” if you have nothing else to fall back on!

Web marketing is NOT just the application of one or two business
tools or principles but the COMBINATION of many VARIABLES that
I will refer to as the “Web Marketing Holy Grail” – which when
expanded becomes the “Web Marketing Confluence Of Events
And Business Cycles.”

Variables like the use of autoresponder accounts and follow-up
systems, with a responsive opt-in mailing list, free valuable
Web content to generate repeat traffic, identification of top free
affiliate marketing programs or affiliate networks offering valuable
products and services – and pay commissions on schedule. In
addition, if you cannot engage in new product development,
you can purchase reprint rights to rebrandable niche marketing
eBooks and multimedia products that target specific business
niches, etc. Creating a content-rich Web or blog marketing site
comes second in importance to building a responsive opt-in list
(or email marketing).

The Confluence Of Events And Business Cycles:

If you’ve ever delved into online Forex trading, then you will
agree with me that it also involves a confluence of events
scenario like the Web marketing confluence of events that I
laid out before you in this article.

To succeed, a bird’s eyeview analyses of the price charts
is needed to determine the currency direction for the day with
the application of basic trendlines, Fibonacci ratios, pivot
points, RSI and stochastics divergence, market place and traders
psychology (i.e., the inner game) and more. Any online Forex
training course that doesn’t include these specifics and more
will be worthless to you – and I’m speaking from personal

NOTE: Please remember – do NOT quit your day job until you are
consistently making some income or money online, and even get to
create multiple streams of income within your niche market in your
Web/blog marketing and Internet entrepreneurial journey. Failure
to adhere to this universal principle can be quite disastrous for

Business Cycles: Rising & Declining Business Cycles Unveiled

We live in a world of duality and cycles – male and female, hot
and cold, light and darkness, positives and negatives, top and
bottom, monthly lunar cycles, water cycles, etc. Now, business
cycles can have two different major phases, namely – rising and
declining business cycles. It’s the rising or upswing business
cycles – when there is a rise in personal income and consumer
demand for new products and features that is more beneficial
to us here. I’ll show you just “4 Business Cycle Variables” so
that you can get a flavour of what to expect now and down
the road.

Business Cycle Variable #1: 5-year Product Cycles

The BIGGEST element of the “Web Marketing Confluence of
Events” is the BUSINESS CYCLES – with variables such as the
“5-year Product Cycles.” According to Brian Tracy in one of his
books entitled “Turbo Strategy,” most products have a 5-year
cycle. So, you can position yourself to capture your share of NEW
products and services that you can market to a highly targeted
global audience online – and even offline!… This is the era of
street-savvy Web entrepreneurs. 🙂

Business Cycle Variable #2: Job Cycles And Saturations

Other business cycle variables include the observations in the
saturation of the conventional job markets mainly in the Western
economies as a result of the outsourcing of some jobs to countries
with lower overhead costs – like India – and downsizing due to
mergers and acquisitions, etc.

Business Cycle Variable #3: Consumer Trends And Tastes

Consumer trends and tastes among different age groups and
cultures constitute another variable. Consumption tastes between
the baby boomers and the so-called Generation X can lead to the
development of niche products and services by companies with an
online presence. From my observations, ethnic and immigration
patterns in different countries of the world like the UK, USA
and Canada for instance, will continue to lead to changes and a
robust growth in consumer needs and wants among mainly Asian,
African, Latin American and East European immigrants.

Business Cycle Variable #4: Chinese Double-Digit Internet Growth

Global Internet usage patterns and growth will determine to a
great extent the 21st century future. The number of Internet
users in China of 162 million (i.e., 10% of the total population)
of 1.3 billion is set to overtake the United States in the total
number of users within a few years. According to a report by the
Pew Internet & American Life Project, the double-digit annual
growth rate will drive the number of Chinese Web users to 210
million by the beginning of 2009! This growing interest and
growth rate is taking place among the urban Chinese and
upwardly mobile younger generation.

Closing Thoughts:

The combination of your DETERMINED RESOLUTION to make a
better Web marketer or Internet entrepreneur of yourself, the Web
marketing variables or CONFLUENCE OF EVENTS, and the BUSINESS
CYCLE variables all constitute the “Web Marketing Holy Grail.”
These are crucial to a successful global Web presence.

“The Web Marketing Holy Grail” has finally been UNLEASHED.
Take YOUR front position and EXPERIENCE the surge in energy

To Your Successful Global Web Presence!