Small Business Survival in Business Cycle

Small businesses have it rough in America, as they do not have the huge lobbying monies that large corporations do. When the economy gets tight, large companies reign in credit and slow their out going payments. If you own a small business with corporate accounts this means they string you out as long as possible and you will notice invoices conveniently lost and checks 180 days out? Basically you become a bank for the big corporations, isn’t that the silliest underhanded bunch of bull you ever heard? They slow your checks down when you need them the most. More than one small business owner has said to me; “Those Bastards!”

When we are in an up business cycle the corporations suck up all the labor, making it tough to get good help and when the business cycle goes South, all of a sudden the Corporations start laying off all those folks they promised all these great benefits to, that the little guy could not compete with. Interesting that the corporations are now not honoring such promises and reneging on their pension contributions, after preventing you from recruiting the labor you needed in your small business. You know damn well if you did something like that, they would throw you ass in jail. If you are a small business you need to plan for those slow downs in the business cycle to survive. It is a rough world out there and you need to face reality. So, consider all this in 2006.